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Involvement and Benefits

Judy Scott offers independent consultancy in the benefit system together with employment law for public agencies that involve service users and carers in health and social care services, design, delivery, research and training. She can offer your organisation:

  • a specialist knowledge of current and future benefits rules and systems for people who are in receipt of benefits
  • liaison with DWP Ministers and Peers to promote changes to the benefit system – consultancy has resulted in helpful changes to Universal Credit that have now been extended to all benefits removing two key benefit barriers for involvement
  • guidance on developing your payment policy for involvement with experience of working with health and social care arms length non-departmental bodies, national charities, NHS Trusts, local authorities and universities
  • guides to the benefit system for people who are considering involvement
  • staff training for the delivery of payments for service user involvement

A Training Course at the Social Care Institute for Excellence, London, will be held on November 20, 2018. Co-Production/Participation: Paying people who receive benefits.

Update: From April 2018, the Permitted Work earning limit was increased to £125.50 a week and this is allowed without any time limit for people who receive Employment and Support Allowance or Incapacity Benefit. The National Living Wage rate for people aged 25 years plus is £7.83 hr. But see Benefits updates page for a warning on earnings if you are in receipt of Universal Credit for limited capacity for work and/or also receive DLA, PIP or AA, or are about to be transferred to Universal Credit from Employment and Support Allowance.