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Publications include:

Co-production and participation: paying people who receive benefits,  update May 2017, Social Care Institute for Excellence.

permitted work flow‘Permitted Work – what you can earn before it affects your benefits’ 
This collaborative project with Social Firms UK produced an online flow chart designed for clients with long term health problems who are looking to return to work.

MHRN Service Users & Carers Payments Policy
written by Judy Scott for the Mental Health Research Network in May 2010, updated October 2013.

  • Benefits Conditions and Systems around Paid and Voluntary Involvement
  • Model Payment Policy for Service Users and Carers for MHRN Hubs.

Paying a real wage to people in work projects’ written by Judy Scott, was cPublication - Paying a real wage to people in work projectsommissioned and first published by the MCCH Society in 2005, with 5 subsequent editions.

This is a guide for work projects and social enterprises on paying people, who claim state benefits, a legitimate minimum wage rate and offering part-time employment.


Using Working Tax Credit as an alternative income to incapacity benefits when starting up in self-employment’ and ‘Permitted Work’ andthe 104 week benefit linking rulethree leaflets published by Social Firms UK in 2007 and 2008.


‘Valuing involvement – Making a Real Difference Strengthening Service User and Carer Involvement in NIMHE and CSIP’ (2007 – 2008): this expanded version of ‘Reward and Recognition’ to cover all benefit groups, was written by Judy Scott and commissioned by Care Services Improvement Partnership Eastern Region, National Institute for Mental Health in England. The guide includes recommendations on good practice measures for involving people who are in receipt of state benefits, and includes benefit rules on payments and reimbursements for all benefit groups.

Publication - The Way to WorkThe way to work’
written by Judy Scott with Daphne Hall published by the Disability Alliance in 2006 and updated 2007.

This is a guide written for mental health professionals who advise people on moving from incapacity benefits into work. The complex benefit system is described in plain language from the perspective of the service user.

‘Reward and Recognition’
written with Alison Cooley Department of Health, 2006. This is the first guide published by the Department of Health on payments and reimbursements for involvement. Judy Scott wrote the elements of the DH guidance that pertain to benefit rules, arrangements with HMRC and interaction with employment law. Some of the good practice recommendations were taken from her earlier publications.

Publication - Adressing Disincentives to Work‘Addressing disincentives to work associated with the welfare benefits system in the UK and abroad’
written by Patience Seebohm and Judy Scott as a research paper, commissioned and published by the Social Enterprise Partnership 2004. The paper looks at the disincentives to work that are created by the benefit systems and makes some proposals for change.



Publication A Fair Day's Pay

‘A Fair Day’s Pay’ published by the Mental Health Foundation in 2004. This guide sets out the main issues for involvement and the benefit system.





Publication - Payments and the Benefits System April 2002‘Payments and the Benefits System’ published by King’s College London 2002.

These are two companion guides are written by Judy Scott and Patience Seebohm for service managers and for service users on payments and reimbursements for involving people in improving mental health services.



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